Wednesday, 14 December 2011

james' alfine 11 all round disc bike

here is james' custom bike. it is the first time i have built a frame around a gear hub and disc brakes. it turned out looking super traditional but with the modern features of an 11 speed gear hub and discs. james approached me wanting a bike that he could ride in various situations, on the road, down country lanes as well as rides through the woods with his kids. he wanted a super clean look so i made sure to hide as much cable and fittings as possible. I am super happy with the way the frame turned out, especially the curvy lines of the rear end and all the cable routing. other fun aspects of this build was hand carving the disc mount and making the jig to fit it too.

what we ended up with is in my opinion one of the nicest bike i have produced to date. clean and traditional with a modern twist, thats the best thing about doing what i do, putting your own twist on things.

the hand made stem was nickel plated with a brushed finish


script text to keep in theme with the minimal and traditional look

front brake and gear cable entrance

front brake cable exit and hand carved disc mount

curved seat stay bridge

gear cable exit and hand made stainless dropout face

curved stay brace

bb fillet

gear cable routing


  1. Amazing! Work of art that.......

  2. Any issues with the disc brake causing excessive flex in the fork, or changing the steering? Canyon have tried this - - and ended up with dual 120mm rotors on the fork. Would you put it on a carbon fork?