Saturday 10 December 2011

hin's single speed

hin just dropped by this afternoon to pick up his new single speed. it's always amazing to have a customer come to pick up a whole bike and then go for a quick ride before they catch the train home.

from the start, hin wanted something simple with nice detail but without screaming about it, so we went for some hand carved sleeving on the bi-lam headtube but with a single colour paint to keep it understated. the cable stop for the rear brake is also hand made.

i did a little work on the fork crown too, as well as mounting the pivots on there for the paul racer brakes which i think looks great and still leaves enough room to run mudguards.

the aim of the cable routing through the stem was to keep the cable parallel to the head tube from the profile, as well as not having to have an unsightly cable stop mounted under the stem. these little features really make me tick. simple, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

hin did a great job on carefully choosing his build kit. very simple, all silver and great quality.

the added bonus of coming to collect your feather cycles bicycle over having it delivered is the warm welcome and cup of yorkshire tea. can't beat that for service.


  1. Another superlative piece. Bravo sir!

  2. the lugs is this one are so beautiful .. great job!

  3. Saw Hin in Condor cycles London 2 weeks ago. Hands down the nicest bike I've seen. A few guys were picking up their brand new condor's but All eyes were on this. Great work.