Saturday, 3 December 2011

Mei's Mixte Wedding Present

i have made bikes for females in the past but this frame is my first 'real' ladies bike. it was an absolute pleasure to build, so much fun. i was honored to be asked to make it and it was a complete secret for the past few months. today is mei and leo's wedding day and the bike turned up in massachusetts first thing this morning!

polished stainless and a custom mixed seafoam green with a pearl pink for the detailing make this frame an extremely fitting wedding gift, i just got a photo through of mei holding her new frame and to say she looks happy would be an understatement!

once again, jon and tom dialed the paint and masking!

kayti and i wish you all the best! have an awesome day guys!!!


fleur de lys lug

more fleur de lys, more hearts

a lyric from mei and leo's song


  1. Ricky - I'm overwhelmed by the gorgeousness of this bicycle. It's been a few days already and yet I can't stop looking at it in awe. You're an artist and I'm honored to ride it! You and Leo did an absolutely spectacular job. Thank you for putting such love into it and thank you Kayti for taking such beautiful photos.

    We'll send through our own photos once it's built - I hope we'll do it justice!
    Thank you again for making me the most beautiful frame in the world.

  2. coolest thing ever. congratulations mei and leo. you are my heroes!

  3. Wow, extremely beautiful !!