Sunday, 13 February 2011

martin's 40th birthday prezzie!

here's martin's columbus life track frame. this one was a real treat to work on, it's my first with any real amount of hand carved lug work, i had so much fun making it!! it's also the first made with a complete columbus tubeset, and probably the lightest in its size range that i have made to date, just look at that beefy back end!!! the paint job turned out spot on and martin was over the moon. it is a real treat to see people so happy with something you made for them. i'm looking forward to seeing it built up in full dura-ace track!!

photos by kayti peschke

hand carved head lugs and fork crown

tubi italiano

hand carved seat lug

chunky rear

hand carved 40

seat tube graphics


  1. yeah so that's the freshest looking frame i've seen in awhile... any chance i could buy one or something like it??

  2. right-o, that porsche-inspired one down below just inspired the early stage of a boner down below on my end... i want one. the bike, that is., give me a price on something like that so i can wish i could afford it.

  3. The cut-outs on the head tube lugs looks rad.

  4. This is probably my favorite work from feathers. I really want one too.