Sunday, 13 February 2011

charlie's single speed

charlie will be using his 853 single speed for everyday commuting. he wanted something traditional but using up to date materials for a stiff and fast bike. I think the complete build turned out looking like a real treat and charlie was chuffed to bits with the end result. look out for him whizzing past you on his daily london commute!!

i love the new fork bend radius!

bb fillet

wrapped up


rear cable exit

more bb fillet!


  1. Commuted alongside Charlie this morning...

    Lovely frame Ricky, he certainly seemed to be enjoying it!

  2. haha, thanks, we live in a small world!

  3. Charlie's account of his bike was a brilliant distraction from the root canal prep he performed on my upper left molar yesterday. I don't know which was more fascinating, his talking about the bike or the wonders of the root canal system.
    It is very lovely though.