Tuesday 9 November 2010

richard's fixed frame

this is the latest frame out of the workshop. based on the 1970's gulf porsche racing cars it's by far the most extravagant paint job of any feather frame so far and it turned out sweet! i'm really digging the nickel plating on the lugs compared to the usual chrome plating. neill at atlantic boulevard really pulled some tricks out for this one and i couldn't have been happier with the outcome! richard received his frame yesterday and is thrilled to see his rough sketch come to life.

Photo's by kayti peschke.

hand carved stem lug

hand carved bridge


  1. This frame is gorgeous! I love all the detail on it. c:

  2. That is such a beautiful paint job.

  3. man, Marty told me to check this out..You have some serious talent man

  4. gorgeous! an inspiration to those of us who can't decide what color bicycle we want. :)

  5. Incredible paint scheme! Peacock Groove built a frame for Jeff from Bike Jerks with an identical influence, but the two-sided nature of this one coupled with the striking lugs and stem are so, so beautiful.

  6. Wow- seriously great work. I am impressed by the details- done really well. Keep it up!

  7. Hi Ricky (congrats on getting hitched, by the way!)

    I was out on my Racer Rosa (http://veloiste.cc/2011/02/16/my-racer-rosa/) this evening spinning a few laps around Regent's Park when I can up behind a guy and from at least 10m away I knew it was this very frame. It's such a distinctive damn paintjob - utterly stunning.

    We exchanged a few words (I couldn't around around, I was off to teach some carbon-riding poseurs a lesson or two) but suffice to say he seems very happy indeed.

    And why not? It truly is a stunning machine. Great work.