Wednesday, 11 November 2009

winter is closing in

first up a massive thanks to ned for secretly making up a screen and printing up a few feather cycles t's. email me if you would be interested in buying a shirt and we may be able to work on getting some printed up. all hand printed of course and i will do them at the best price i can on the best quality shirts i can get my hands on.

here is a couple of shots of my latest frame which is gonna get a sweet ass paint job and i'm hoping to take it down to tokyo fixed gear pretty soon!

it's starting to get pretty cold up north so the calor gas heater has made a few appearances, the nights are getting earlier and the warm jackets and thermal socks are on the scene.



for all you bond fans out there!

again i've gone for the hufnagel style stay caps, i'm absolutely loving this concept. it takes a while longer to get them right but the finished item is well worth it!!

old school calor gas heater

long nights, short days

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