Saturday, 9 June 2012

Charlie's cross bike

Charlie is my first returning customer, he came back wanting a bike that he could take off road, in the woods and on trails etc, a cross bike basically. Charlie also wanted the option to stick some light bags and mudguards to have the option to do a little 'plastic' touring. Charlie wanted reliable brakes in all weather and riding conditions so we opted to go down the disc route. Charlie has already had a couple of rides out on the new steed and has loved every second of it so far. The plan was to get this bike dirty, but easy to clean back down and have as little cables as possible open to the elements, so I ran every cable possible internally, keeping the overall look of the bike super clean. Another thing that Charlie wanted was a fillet brazed frame but also loved the lugs and teardrop seat stay caps on his first bike, so I mixed the two options and gave him some top tube and down tube sleeves at the head tube and the same seat stays as last time. Finally, Charlie was never too keen on the original head badge so a carved up some stainless and made a feather based on the New Zealand All Blacks feather at Charlie's request.


  1. Looks awesome and the silver fern is a great finishing touch. I'd like to know how it performs off road.

  2. Agree, hella awesome but I don't think that's a fern. It's a *gasp* feather. Read the description of what the customer wanted. Fit in well with the builders name.