Monday, 26 March 2012

My new road bike

here is my new road bike. i have been thinking about exactly what i want out of a bike for quite some time now. i have designed this bike to be versatile. good for some nice quick local rides but not shy of going further a field without sacrificing comfort. clearance for the colour matched mudguards and plenty of room for big road tires or even cross tires without the mudguards hence the cross cable routing. the bike is a mix of reynolds 853 and 725 and Columbus life and Spirit and also features hand carved pacenti lugs and fork crown, a hand carved and machined sachs bb shell and keith anderson's tito dropouts, also carved up a fair bit. this is the only bike i built strictly for bespoked bristol and it ended up being my 50th frame, this is the reason i did a bunch of brass detailing on the frame to get some gold on there, I originally planned on the custom turned parts to be stainless but my friend broady who does my turning suggested we do this stuff in brass too, definitely not a bad idea! i had the frame painted with a metallic dark silver to show the crisp shore lines of the lugs and in sunlight the purple candy is an almost perfect match to the bar tape! unfortunately, i ran out of time to build the front bag support i was planning in time for the show.

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