Wednesday, 5 October 2011

craig's track frame

i have been raving on twitter recently about my new painter's jon and tom, hopefully craig's track frame shows you what i am getting at. finding a good painter, who has the same high standards and passion that you have as builder is not an easy task, it has taken me well over 2 years to finally find someone i can rely on to get the job done right! i could not be happier with the way things are progressing in the finishing department and i think the hard work, dedication, time, set backs, patience and the odd disappointment have really paid off! to put the icing on the cake every last bit of finishing is now done right here in york!

enough of that, here is craig's track frame, built using columbus spirit for lugs with a regular sized down tube for the top tube (craig is a tall dude)! paired with a life oversized rear end and lowered wishbone for a stiff rear end. mix that with some ridiculously nice chrome by my new platers and flawless paint and masking and you have the latest frame to leave the workshop. It also just occurred to me just how english this bike looks with the old raleigh colours! AWESOME!

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beautiful chrome and masking

more perfect masking

hand carved in yorkshire


  1. That is one sexy frame. Nice work!

  2. Wicked man, glad to see the paint and plating is coming along!
    I'll be putting down a deposit soon enough I hope.

    I'll be back up your way at Christmas actually if there's any chance of a drop in.

    Lovely build! Can't wait to see it built up.

  3. Wow. Another incredible piece of work!

  4. Thanks Guys. I cant wait to see it built up either!

  5. Saw this earlier today and had to ask where it was from! Love your bikes, this one is particularly nice when built up.