Friday, 8 July 2011

my new track bike

good things come to those who wait...

this frame has been a long time in the making. it has taken me nearly 2 years to find these lugs. my soft spot for the carlton 'capella' lugs first came long before that when my friend ady came home with an old carlton grass track racer. i now even have a spare set of these lugs and know where i can get plenty more if i ever need them, typical. i used 531 tubes for the classic feel and to compliment the 45+ year old lugs and decked it out with classic looking parts including a bunch of beautiful new dura-ace bits.

i have said it before and i will say it again, there is no better feeling than riding a bike that you built with your own hands, especially when you have waited so long to finally have it just the way you want!

i fillet brazed the whole fork crown to give it an old look

i capped the stays 'hufnagel' style as jordan was a big inspiration for me to start building bikes!


  1. Wow, just, wow. Can I ask what's special about carlton 'capella' lugs and why they were so hard to find? I mean other than the fact that they look ridiculously awesome?

  2. Thanks!! Well, As you say, I just love how they look. As for them taking a long time to find, up until recently I didnt know too many other people in the world of frame building, therefore had no one I could ask if they had any laying around. Other than that, they stopped making them in '65 so I'm guessing they are pretty sparse now.