Wednesday, 7 July 2010

sam's 853 track frame

this frame, built for sam, has been in the pipeline for quite some time now and rightly so, he got exactly what he was after. a mix of hand cut lugs and fillet brazing make up the construction, combined with hand cut track ends and seat stay bridge make for one unique custom frame. everything was perfect for him all the way down to the colour and one off graphics picked out in a lighter silver. all in all, a simple, light as hell, but mean looking frame.

photos by kayti

hand cut lugs

hand cut bridge

LSF/ Feather Cycles 2010/ Reynolds 853

hand cut track ends

sam all over!


  1. Gorgeous lugwork.. The bottleopener is also a nice feature!

  2. Where I can order this frame? I want to build my fixed gear bike and I lookinf for the lightweight stylish frame.

  3. Shot of drive-side rear drop is now my desktop image at work. So nice.


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