Monday, 31 May 2010

Wendy's Rando

This was actually the first of my last few builds but it just turned out so awesome that i thought i would save it for the last of my recent few posts. it's my first road bike, the first with any canti bosses and my first geared bike with all the braze-ons you will need and internal cable routing, it also has a custom fillet brazed quill stem that i also built. every last bit of this bike turned out sweet, the chrome is spot on and mark really hit the spot with the paint giving it a real classy metallic finish. give me road bikes to build any day, this was really a pleasure and a fun bike to build and i couldn't be happier with the outcome!

keep your eyes peeled on my flickr for more recent builds which i didn't manage to get good photos of...

right i'm off to make a fillet brazed stem for another recent bike, have a good bank holiday...

full profile

tear drop stay caps and internal cable routing

thought a matching colour top cap would be a nice touch

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