Friday, 11 September 2009


today has been pretty sweet! first off my headbadge sample showed up which i am more than happy with, i should get my first batch early next week! Then i picked 2 frames up from the painters. i have posted a couple of teaser photos and will have studio shots up by tuesday or wednesday. also i was just given a surprise from kayti which happens to be the feather cycles bottle opener keyrings, i will let you know how you can get hold of one of these soon.

grafters hands and the headbadge, pow!

candy purple

purple and gold looks sick, i feel a deal comin' on joe!

stealth it up with some purple glitter!


purple bottle opener keyrings


  1. Those look sick! How can I get my hands on one of those purple bottle opener keyrings?

  2. just curious how your headbadges are made. Cast, stamped, milled?? badges, frames, paint everything came together really well.

  3. William, email me if you would like a bottle opener. They are £1 and a s.a.e.

    Per, thanks! The head badges are cast pewter.