Monday, 28 September 2009


i have a little interview over at breaksof10 with a bit of an insight into feather cycles and what its all about.

i've been working like a mad man to get a few frames ready and up for sale! here is a few snaps we took yesterday, mid clean up, of one i just finished today.

there's also an opportunity to get your hands on a frame i built jig free. it's exactly the same geometry as the frame i built for myself, 55cm with 73 degree head tube and 74 degree seat tube. the paint is a bit bubbly under the bottom bracket as i tried a new painter out and he refused to re-paint it when i told him i wasnt happy with it. its also got a small dint in the top tube right at the side of the headlug that also happened at the painters. i didn't even want to show this frame but there is no point it sitting in my workshop when someone could be riding it. its frame only but i would make some forks if anyone wants to buy it as a frameset! email me if your interested.

1 comment:

  1. I will have the free bike sir, mine got robbed out of my shed.
    -Maughan x