Thursday, 6 August 2009

Let's get crackin'

welcome to my blog. so first off i want to say a few shout outs. first to kevin my girlfriends dad for letting me work from his garage. sam for designing my logo and to liam for taking the following photos during a day that he spent over here in york a few weeks back. my biggest thanks goes to kayti, nothing i'm doing would have been possible without her help!

also today was exciting as i put in my first order for my head tube badges, got the blog running, made this first ever post and the macaframa film showed up in the post this morning.

the workshop 

seat cluster

mini the mascot

untouched raw tubing

hacksaw just the way i like it

brazing on the fork ends

brazing the blades to the crown

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  1. Rad. Just flat-out, plain ol rad. And a whippet... radder.